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Group Reservations

Bring your group to a StoryBook Theater show and experience the magic of live theater! StoryBook Theater offers weekday matinees for groups of 10 or more. Group tickets are only $9 for matinee tickets to our StoryBook Theater season.

StoryBook Theater productions are 55-minute musical fairytale adaptations, written especially for young people ages 3-10, but fun for grown-ups too. Every story includes audience participation, and conveys a positive life lesson for children. StoryBook shows are never scary and always have a happy ending.

StoryBook Theater shows are presented at these venues:

Renton’s Carco Theatre, Kirkland Performance Center, Shoreline Conference CenterEverett PUD Auditorium.

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Find the dates and times of available shows that work best for your school, organization, or home school group.

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Reserve Online for “A Little Mermaid” April – May 2017

Reserve Online for Next Season —  2017-2018 Shows

You may call the School Show Coordinator at 425-820-1800, ext. 110. Please note that you do not have confirmed seats at your requested date/time until your official Reservation Confirmation is sent. Seating depends on availability, and shows are sometimes sold out. All reservations must be made in advance. We cannot accommodate walk-up sales at the performance venue on the day of the show.


Studio East Matinee Show Schedule

Are your students ready for longer performances of exciting musicals? Join us for Studio East 2016-17 Mainstage School Matinee shows, performed by our student casts, ages 7-19. Our 2016-17 Season includes “Willy Wonka” (recommended for ages 5+, run time 2 hours), ” ‘Twas the Night” (ages 4+, run time one hour and a half), and “Wonderland” (ages 8+, run time two hours). Tickets are $10/person for groups of 10 or more. All shows are performed at Studio East in Kirkland. For the show schedule, click the link above, or call the School Show Coordinator at 425-820-1800, ext. 110 for information.

2016-17 StoryBook Theater Season!


StoryBook Theater Focus: Learning From Others

The Emperor is a vain and silly guy – always looking for the most beautiful and expensive new clothing. Along come two tricksters who fool the Emperor into believing that nothing is something. Will the Emperor’s pride cause him to wander the kingdom in his long johns, or will everyone, including the audience, tell him the naked truth?


StoryBook Theater Focus: The Spirit of Giving

It’s the holiday season, and a Toymaker and his wife have been hard at work building toys to give to boys and girls everywhere. But on the morning they are to be delivered the Toymaker discovers all the toys have disappeared! Can two spunky and very generous Elves save the day?  This holiday musical will remind us that the spirit of giving is the truly greatest gift of all.


StoryBook Theater Focus: Telling the Truth 

Shepherd-boy Sam is tired of watching sheep all day, and wants some excitement in his life. One day, he decides to shake things up by yelling “Help – a wolf!” just for fun. The villagers come running, only to discover that Sam has pulled the wool over their eyes. Is telling the truth all it’s cracked up to be? And what will happen when a wolf really does appear?


StoryBook Theater Focus: Keeping a Promise

Life underwater isn’t easy for Sirena, a little mermaid who dreams of running and dancing. In this StoryBook version of Anderson’s classic, the audience decides whether Sirena should keep her legs or high-tail it back to sea.

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