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goldilocks_little_low_res_for_webGoldilocks & the 3 Bears

Adaptation by Lani Brockman • Music & Lyrics by Susan Bardsley

Golden curls and mood swings do not necessarily mix with an over-pampered, but adorable, baby bear. Can a famished little girl put her spoiled behavior on the back shelf and learn how to be a friend to a lonely baby bear who hungers for a playfellow? Through listening and taking turns, these two misfits discover the power of having fun and being a friend.

January 25-March 16, 2014
Show Dates & Times by Venue
Best for ages 3+

Venues and directions: Renton Carco Theatre • Kirkland Performance CenterEverett PUD • Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute • Edmonds Center for the Arts (school weekday matinee performances only)

Tickets $10 • groups of 10 or more $9 • service fee may apply •  no refunds

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