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Read reviews from teachers, students, and parents!

“As usual, StoryBook hits the mark with charming costumes, catchy songs and well-timed audience participation.'” – Read the full review from ParentMap

“Their love for children and their desire to introduce them to the joys of live theater shine through in this production.” – Read the full review from Seattle’s Child

“StoryBook’s catchy songs, splendid costumes and terrific performances will captivate attendees of all sorts, particularly children ages three to ten.” – Read the full review from ParentMap

“The most charming and funny change from the movie and book is that the sea witch, who turns the mermaid human and takes her voice, is a giant, two-headed orange sea-slug with multiple suckers. Mother-daughter actresses Faith and Sarah Russell play the two sides of the sea slug…” – Read the full review from Seattle’s Child

“The little ones don’t have time to get too squirmy and thanks to the physical humor in the form of pratfalls and flying eight balls, even the most stalwart of too-cool-for-school preteens will succumb to its appeal. Everyone, even the parents, laughed out loud at times, and most smiled throughout.” – Read the full review from ParentMap

“If you’re looking for a great way to entertain your children without having to brave the elements outside, look no further than StoryBook Theater.” – Read the full review from CultureMob

“My son and I enjoyed The Frog Prince – from the storyline to the music and the simply decorated set. As a theater-lover, I’m thrilled that StoryBook Theater produces such wonderful plays for children.” – Excerpt from review by North Sound Macaroni Kid

“We are very grateful to experience the richness and beauty of live theater performance in our community. Due to your generosity many children were exposed to an amazing performance that previously would not have been able to attend.” – Teacher, Garfield Elementary

“I think that the play was spectacular because we got to see them sing and dance to the music and it was really fun!” – Aydan, elementary school student

“I think that the play was unbelievable because it was funny and the music was amazing!” – Tad, elementary school student

“I loved the music. It was beautiful. It made my heart dance.” – Mikayla, Kindergarten student

“It was so funny. I could hardly sit in my seat. I loved everything, and I liked the music too.” – Ellie, elementary school student

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