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Prices are just $10 per ticket for any qualifying school matinee group to attend any of our three non-profit StoryBook Theater productions this season.

Bring your group to a StoryBook Theater show and experience the magic of live theater! StoryBook Theater offers weekday matinees for groups of 10 or more.

StoryBook Theater productions are 55-minute musical fairytale adaptations, written especially for young people ages 3-10, but fun for grown-ups too. Every story includes audience participation, and conveys a positive life lesson for children. StoryBook shows are never scary and always have a happy ending.

StoryBook Theater’s 2023-24 School Shows will be performed at Kirkland Performance CenterEverett PUD Auditorium, and Renton’s Carco Theatre. If other venues are added, that information will be available on our website.

Upon request, destination shows where StoryBook Theater comes to YOUR school may also be available. Dates are highly limited with this option, so reach out to our School Show Coordinator as soon as possible for more information if this is of interest.


School Show Reservation Policies


Seating Total Policies

Please estimate carefully how many seats your group will need: ensure you are accounting for all students, all educators, and all chaperones. Contact us at least 7 days before the date of your show if you need to add people to your reservation, and we will let you know if more seats are available. You may lower the number of seats at any time before your payment is due. Once payment is made, no refunds are given for empty seats, including missing people on the day of the show.

Please notify us if your group uses any wheelchairs or walkers, or has any hearing or vision needs. ASL-interpreted performances are available at select public performances, but not during school matinees.

Payment Policies

Final payment is due 16 days before the date of your show (or on the preceding Friday if the 16th day lands on a Saturday or Sunday). When you make your reservation, ask about Partial Scholarships for public schools that have at least 40% of their students enrolled in the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch Program.

Cancelation Policies

Schools are able to cancel and receive a full refund up to 16 days before the show date (or on the preceding Friday, if the 16th day lands on a Saturday or Sunday). This is also the last date you are able to change your headcount. After this date has passed, there will be NO REFUNDS issued.

Additional Tickets Policy

You will be able to add to your headcount until 7 days prior to the date of your show, one time only. Beyond that date, no alterations can be made to your order. Those additional tickets will be at the $15.00 per ticket general admission price and need to be purchased in advance by phone. Additional seats are not guaranteed to be available, and they may or may not be seated with your group. Tickets for StoryBook Theater school shows are not available to the public at any time, including the day of the show. If you have parents or siblings of participating students whom you’d like to attend, please collect money from them and get in touch with us to process payment. We do not accept payments from individual parents or siblings, and anyone without a ticket will be denied entry.

Behavioral Expectations At All Theaters

Food, drink, and chewing gum are not allowed in the theater or lobby. All bookbags, backpacks, and toys should be left at school or on the bus. Photography or video recording is NOT permitted during the shows. Cell phones or any other electronic devices should be turned off during the performance, as they can interfere with the sound equipment and distract others. We recommend using the restrooms in the lobby before your group is seated for the show.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at StoryBook Theater!