StoryBook In the Park

We are thrilled to announce StoryBook In the Park presented by Google!

Thanks to the generous support of Google, EvergreenHealth and Microsoft, we are excited to present The Boy Who Cried Wolf presented by Google for FREE at various parks for weekends in August. We can hardly believe we will be seeing your smiling faces in person!

About the Show: Shepherd-boy Sam is tired of watching sheep all day, and wants some excitement in his life. One day, he decides to shake things up by yelling “Help – a wolf!” just for fun. The villagers come running, only to discover that Sam has pulled the wool over their eyes. Is telling the truth all it’s cracked up to be? And what will happen when a wolf really does appear?

Showtimes & Locations:

  • Location TBD
    • August 28 @ 11am and 1pm

Thank you to our generous partners, Google, EvergreenHealth and Microsoft.

Get Involved

StoryBook Theater is always looking for ushers! When we are performing in-person, ushers arrive early for the show they are working, tear tickets and hand out programs – and, of course, smile and welcome people to the theater! After the start of the show, ushers get to see the show for free! Children can help usher, too, if they are accompanied by a responsible adult. If you want to be an usher please contact Jessica Stansfield.

Another way to help out? Donate Now to support StoryBook Theater. We are part of Studio East Training for the Performing Arts and can always use donations to our scholarship fund.

The most important way to help, though, is to tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, and even strangers about StoryBook Theater so that we can continue to grow our audiences of tomorrow! Thank you for your support.